'Sálvame' makes a mess for Isa Pantoja to try to sign her as a new collaborator despite working for Ana Rosa - Informalia.es

2022-06-29 10:00:31 By : Mr. Jeremy Chen

Isa Pantoja participated this Tuesday in Save me to talk about the contest of her cousin Anabel, who remains in Survivors against all odds.In addition, she maintains a relationship with Yulen Pereira and this week she has been able to meet Arelys, the fencer's mother and, therefore, his mother-in-law.Isa Pantoja took part in the Telecinco afternoon program through a live connection.However, Adela González and Kiko Hernández took advantage of her to make her an offer and hire her services as a new collaborator of Save me despite the fact that she is one of the star socialites of The Ana Rosa program.Read also: TVE scores a point and signs María del Monte to broadcast with Boris Izaguirre the LGTBI Pride demonstration in Madrid"I love how you speak, why don't you come as a collaborator?" Kiko launched."I have to go there in person one day," answered Isa Pantoja, although she never said that she would do it as a collaborator."I have to go one day because from here I listen to everything late," she repeated.Adela González and Kiko Hernández lacked time to 'close' the hiring of the young woman."Isa P. new collaborator. Announce it now," Kiko asked her partner."Monday, Wednesday and Friday. New collaborator. In the email you have your contract, check it," González commented, while being reminded that entering as a collaborator meant participating in Fashion Week, Mediafest...Also read: A Telecinco reporter gives the fright and abandons her own connection with Pedro Piqueras: "Wow, wow, wow!""It's complicated because I live in Puerto de Santamaría and I already see it complicated when I have to go to other programs, but count on me one day or whatever to go see you and comment on all this [Survivors]", said the daughter of Isa."A fool and a fool, new collaborator," Adela and Kiko boasted."When Anabel leaves, she will find out that her position has been taken by her cousin," Hernández joked.