The new gang of Ana María Aldón in which her husband does not fit -

2022-06-29 10:00:27 By : Ms. Jane Jiang

They are people close to the food company of which Ana María Aldón is the image of its gazpacho and salmorejo, led by the married couple who own it and their friends.And they all make up the new gang that has welcomed José Ortega Cano's wife with open arms.Also read: Ana María Aldón takes refuge in El Rocío and disconnects the phone after a call from Gloria Camila and a new (and definitive?) row with Ortega CanoThe Sanluqueña, now lost in Cadiz lands along with her son, went to the village of El Rocío with that marriage, which already sees her as one more member of her family.And they are supporting her in this stage of her life in which her sufferings take precedence over her joys.Ortega, as far as is known, has no place in the gang at the moment.The bullfighter is having a very bad time due to the escape of his wife with his son to Andalusia.He shows it in the sadness on his face, in the bad answers to the journalists who ask him about the state of his marriage.He lives hard and difficult times.Read also-Ortega Cano pulls his sister Conchi's ears, who now beats Ana María Aldón: "she is a very good person"He is a man in love with a woman who cannot find his place in the conjugal home.Either he gets smart, and gives Ana the place she deserves in her house, or he exposes himself to the fact that the Andalusian woman takes a serious decision and breaks up a union that seems unstable.As much as they want us to see that there is no crisis, the problems exist.The disagreements between Ana and the right-hander's daughter, Gloria Camila, harm Ortega, who finds himself in the middle of the two women he loves most in this world.He is between a rock and a hard place, which is why he has publicly asked both of them not to talk about him on television or in magazines.