The last video that Esther López de Traspinedo recorded before the crime comes to light: new key clue

2022-06-16 06:31:49 By : Ms. Sunnie Huang

girl death liceNot a member of the clubNews of the violent death of Esther López in Traspinedo (Valladolid): in the last video recorded by the 36-year-old, you can see how Óscar, the main suspect in the crime, is carrying two cell phones on top of her.This detail, which a priori might seem insignificant, is a new key piece of evidence for the investigators, who are increasingly clear that he is responsible for the events.Esther López was last seen on January 12 in Traspinedo, a municipality of just over 1,000 inhabitants near Valladolid.Óscar was the last person to see her alive and, according to Okdiario, the night the 36-year-old girl was lost, she recorded some videos where you can see how the suspect has two phones on him: his usual iPhone and a BQ.The investigation is in the hands of the Civil Guard who, after this discovery, have been able to clarify many data that did not add up.One of the points that the agents did not understand was why the suspect had gone to Valladolid incommunicado the day after the disappearance of the young woman from Traspinedo.After seeing the last video that Esther López de la Rosa recorded, everything begins to make sense: Óscar did not go to the city in solitary confinement, since he could have done it with the other mobile, with the BQ that appears in the images.The Civil Guard report also explains that from 4:10 to 7:20, the victim's phone is far from the suspect's house, a fact that gives rise to two new hypotheses: someone moved the body of the young man from Traspinedo along with his cell phone or that he only moved his phone.Óscar's iPhone was turned off at 3:46 for an entire hour and agents from the Central Operations Unit (UCO) are finding out what he did with the BQ, the other mobile he was carrying when the events happened.In the images of the new key video you can see the suspect writing to the mobile.According to Okdiario, they have asked Óscar for the clothes he was wearing that day to analyze it, since it could give more clues about what happened that night in January, since, five months later, there is still nothing clear and there is no one guilty of Esther's violent death.The Armed Institute works with the hypothesis that it is a reckless homicide, although the victim's relatives assure that it is a murder.The main suspect, Óscar, is free without charges, since the investigating judge considers that the multiple indications and contradictions are not enough to take any precautionary measures against him.