New Cuban Customs measures for non-commercial imports

2022-07-31 21:41:24 By : Mr. Harry Wang

Latest news and events in CubaOn August 15, the new measures for non-commercial imports to Cuba by the General Customs will come into force.These measures are included in resolutions 175 and 176 of the General Customs of the Republic, published in the Official Gazette No. 45 Extraordinary of July 28, 2022,The Cuban Customs defines a non-commercial import as those "articles or products, provided that their diversity does not indicate that it is an import for commercial purposes and that the sum of their values ​​does not exceed the limit established for the importation of luggage. , shipments or other operation, as appropriate.The new measures for imports, of the Cuban Customs, are the following:Non-commercial imports of miscellaneous products were defined by their value and weight and by the diversity of the articles to be imported, and not by their physical quantities.In addition, the fundamental parts and pieces of machines, devices and equipment, imported as a whole, are considered as complete machines, devices and equipment.When they are presented in fractions, it is taken into account that the sum of the parts represents the total value of the equipment to be imported: a tower and a monitor are considered as a complete microcomputer, a bicycle without tires is admitted as a complete item.In other words, parts and accessories are admitted, with no quantity limit, provided that they are diverse (this implies that they are not commercial in nature) and whose total weight does not exceed 5 kg.Customs admits up to 3 items related to telecommunications and network devices, including accessories or peripherals for computer equipment (mouse, keyboards or others).In the case of computer equipment (complete desktop microcomputer, portable microcomputer (laptop), table PC, digital reading device or other similar product), up to 3 units are allowed, regardless of their type.For flash memories, parts and pieces of computers, mobile and fixed telephony, printers, photocopiers, and other computer and communications equipment, the value-weight alternative is used, and provided that there is diversity in the products.From cell phones or smartphones, up to 5 devices (400 points) are allowed.A similar situation happens with power plants, since from now on two units will be allowed, instead of one.However, these two teams cannot exceed the commercial value of an import, which is 1,200 points.Therefore, from the categorization of power plants according to their power, two with a capacity greater than 1.5 kVa cannot be imported, since each one has a score of 950 units.You can import 5 tires for light cars, up to 7 for heavy vehicles, and a maximum of 3 tires for motorcycles or mopeds.Also, two electric motors may be imported, and up to a third, if it is sent as cargo.The customs valuation of each electric moped is 200 points and only those whose maximum speed by construction does not exceed 50 km/h and engine power are allowed.In the case of furniture, up to five articles of each type that classify as that type of product for the home will be admitted, as long as their value does not exceed fifty dollars.For those that exceed that value, including those that constitute games, three will be admitted.The latter applies to baby furniture.In shipments, up to 200 dollars can be imported, which is equivalent to 20 kg according to the rules of the General Customs of the Republic (1 Kg is equivalent to 10 dollars).When the customs agent infers that there is a commercial character in the importation due to excess quantities of the same product, the confiscation of the surplus is applied.The new Customs resolution establishes a reduction of 70% of the tax for the same products.Natural persons who receive non-commercial air, sea, postal and courier shipments in the national territory are exempt from paying Customs Tax for the first 30 dollars of the value or its equivalent weight, maximum 3 kg of the shipment, in the value or weight ratio established by the General Customs of the Republic.Your email address will not be published.Required fields are marked with *The most outstanding CubansAna de Armas confesses the difficult prejudices she has faced in Hollywood for being CubanCopyright © 2022 DimeCuba Magazine.All rights reserved