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Zhengzhou GEP Ecotech Co Ltd.

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Twin Shaft Shredder for Metal for Sale

GEP ECOTECH Twin-shaft metal shredders are the industry standard for any scrap metal recycling operation. Our metal shredding equipment is built with the attention to detail, quality and longevity that has made GEP ECOTECH an industry leader.

These high-torque, low-speed shredders feature a unique cutter configuration that enables efficient operation. The GEP ECOTECH Industrial Shredder design provides efficient operation with low noise, sparking, dust or heat rise.

Many large industries are tasked with dealing how to best dispose of accumulated scrap metal waste. Companies most often choose to recycle their waste for further handling. Waste is often sorted and then shredded to the desired size. This can be done either at a recycling center, or in-house and then sent to a recycling center. Using heavy duty scrap metal shredders such as GEP ECOTECH Twin Shaft Shredder for Metal for Sale allows the material to be transformed into small pieces, making the disposal process easier.

There are many benefits to shredding scrap metal such as recycling, increased ease in handling by saving space and requiring less manpower, increased efficiency for remelting, elimination of contaminates in the metals to increase the quality and value of the metal.

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